Content Generation for SEO

You need to get into the habit of visiting Houzz discussions on a regular basis if your business is in the home improvement industry. This applies to electricians, home decor retailers, interior decorators, landscapers and remodeling contractors.

This is where thousands of your potential customers are discussing and asking questions about projects that interest them.

People from all over the country come here everyday to ask the Houzz community about general decorating tips, furniture suggestions or upcoming seasonal design plans.

The most popular question is: ” what paint colors with go with…”

If you are any sort of painter then you definately need to make regular visits to this discussion forum because people are always asking about matching matching paint colors.


You can use this particular platform to accomplish three goals:

Generate Content Ideas

You can safely bet that if one person has posted a question about a specific topic then others have asked the same thing.  Why not answer that question on your blog?

Not only will you become an expert in your particular field but you’ll receive organic traffic when others are searching for answers to that same question.

Consider this: one short blog post has the potential to bring you at least one hundred targeted visitors every year.

If you were to answer at least one question from Houzz per week then you can quickly see how you could grow your blog visitors by the thousands every year just by answering pertinent questions that people are really asking.

Directly Bring In Sales

I manage an online eCommerce wallpaper store. Homeowners are regularly asking questions on Houzz about where they can find a certain pattern they just saw.


I’ve been able to generate business for this site just by answering those questions and then following that up by linking to the product page within our website that provides a solution to their problem.(it’s “no follow” just in case you’re wondering).

In the above example, a homeowner was looking for rustic brick wallpaper because a picture she had seen in a magazine sparked her interest.

Some questions that were answered over a year ago are still bringing into traffic that still lead to sales.

Impress Other Influencers and SEO

Depending on how well you answer a question, you might get the attention of established authority who is much more influential than you.

If they are impressed by what they see then they may give you a plug through a link on their blog, a mention on Twitter or a share on Facebook.

This gives credibility to your brand and brings traffic from other individuals who trust that authority. Track your ranks by


You also get some Seo benefit by getting positive link and social signals, all without doing any kind of manual link building.

Implementing a content marketing strategy based off the questions consumers are asking on Houzz is a  win win situation for you.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to do and removes any guesswork as to what to wrote about on your personal or business or SEO blog.

Go to Houzz. See what people are asking. Answer them to the best of your ability there AND on your blog. Get noticed. Get traffic. Rinse & repeat every week.

Google’s Dominance

am just after a great documentary movie about google and decided to write my rethinks about this corporation.

For just 15 years google has become one of most powerful institution on the world. What makes them what they are ? They offer their products for free, so how do they make billions of dollars  ? I think this picture explains everything

the product is you

Just to mention some of their products, search engine, gmail, youtube, google+, maps, calendar ,disc ,wallet ,picassa. They know what you are looking for, what kind of person you are, what you like to do, where you live, how do you look like – just everything. They know more about you than your own mother, sad but true. I am not saying that google is only like a a big brother, I’m also using their services , but In my opinion in some areas their are going to smash the competition. I am not talking here about search engine :p because no matter that will happen google SE will dominate until the end of the world.

Last months they started their shopping service, where you can buy,sell and compare products.


For the normal internet user this is just an another great google product. But imagine what is gonna happen to websites like and other this type. For now Google Shopping is just an experiment and is it not popular YET but they can change it simply by creating a red circle around it. Just like it was with G+. Yeah, imagine that – someone makes a simple red circle around some word and suddenly lots of companies are down because the visitor rate has instantly decreased.

Same situation like with smaller shopping websites. Google tries to dominate in most popular surfaces, even tried to steal some wikipedia visitors

Next part coming soon…

How Basic (or not) SEO Can Be.

Anyone who has a website understands the importance of SEO. In order to attract many visitors to your site, it will have to be optimized to the fullest to help maximize the potential. If you are interested in gathering tips about search engine optimization, the keep reading for valuable tips.

A good internet marketing strategy in addition to creating a professional looking website is to understand how the search engines go about their business. It is crucial that you understand the process by which a search engine ranks your site. In order to get a coveted spot on the first page of search engines you must optimize your site. But where do you begin?

The first step to optimizing your site for the search engines is to see what keywords your target audience is using to find the products that you are selling. Once you gain an understanding of your consumer, you should include those words on the pages of your website. A good way to figure this out is by going to the websites of your competition. Take a look at their entire site. Do you see certain things that make them stand out? Is it professional done with writing that includes would attract a visitor to the type of products they sell? If so, there is nothing stopping you from “borrowing” their ideas.

Another great way to increase traffic to your site is and gain a higher search engine ranking is by linking up with other sites to promote your site. Ask other sites if they would kindly include a link back to your site, and of course you would do the same for them. These are called backlinks. The more links you have coming into your site that are placed on other sites around the web, is a great way to increase targeted traffic while gaining you a higher ranking for SEO.

Make sure your website has a professional appearance. If your site looks poorly made, then there is a good chance people will not stay on it. A great way to increase traffic to your site for search engine optimization is by including relevant video. Having video on your site will keep visitors staying longer, and wanting to come back for more. In addition to video, you can have pictures. People love to looks at interesting and unique photos that they have never seen before. Make sure you tag the videos and pictures with relevant keywords that someone would type in the search engine. For example, Jacksonville SEO or specific city/state SEO keywords are very hard to go after. One that has done this quite successfully is Local SEO Rankings for Jacksonville. They are advanced in local SEO and have helped numerous clients reach first page goals.

After you create this incredible website that is optimized for the search engines, you want to ensure that all the pages work well and people can easily navigate through your site. Remember the longer they stay on your site the higher the ranking will be. Make sure your site has proper headings, links and structure that is easy to follow.

After reading the above article you should now have a good idea on how to optimize your website to gain more visitors. Anyone can build a successful site, but it take time. Follow the tips here and soon you’ll see how simple optimizing a website can be!